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Team Vinh
by Vinh Le, (Edited by Jay Kim)

Expectations of "V"


After you successfully register with TeamVinh and have paid for your Registration & 1 VPAK (which is a One-Time payment with no monthly reoccurring charges in TeamVinh);
You will then take a position with TeamVinh’s Qualified & Integrated: 3rd Party MLM Company. ***To not overload you with too much information, all the details of the Qualified 3rd Party MLM Company and more will be showcased and accessible within your TeamVinh back-office after you join TeamVinh. FYI: To ensure maximized earnings for everyone, we have carefully integrated the most qualified MLM business that fits all of TeamVinh’s strict guidelines and civic parameters. Depending on the plan that you choose, there will be a cost of either $59.99 or $149.99 per month to engage with them. NOTE: This active position in the MLM Company immediately “Activates” your TeamVinh VPAK, which further triggers the entire TeamVinh system to work for you – immediately as well.
Then within just a few short days of fully engaging with the said MLM Company, you will see action and tangible growth in your Downline by way of new members placed under you by TeamVinh!
Once TeamVinh fulfills your VPAK - by way of placing a paying member into your MLM Downline (as if you recruited that person yourself); You will then earn the Fast Start Bonus and monthly commissions on that member TeamVinh has just placed for you! This will effectively and dramatically reduce your monthly overhead with the MLM Company. **Further, if for any reason said member were not to continue or become inactive, TeamVinh will replace them for you at no additional cost to you!
As TeamVinh continues to fulfill VPAKS for the people that are placed into your MLM Downline, and while you enjoy using the MLM product - your commissions and income with the MLM Company will automatically and systematically grow. ***As your income rises (above the break-even point), you can upgrade to a higher level within the MLM Company with your profits to enjoy even more of its product benefits and to earn even more income as well.
TeamVinh will also build a customer line for you at the same time. This means you will have the opportunity to earn monthly commissions on the purchase of multiple product lines sold by the said MLM Company!
There is no limit on how much you can earn. And we Guarantee that your VPAK will be fulfilled within 90 days or less or your money back!
You will only need 1 (one) VPAK fulfilled to succeed with TeamVinh.

To our knowledge, there has never been a Company with a 100% Turn-Key System so powerful that can help the average person get a great start in their Home-Based business.

TeamVinh will do all the hard work for you so you can spend more time with your Family. TeamVinh will actually make the first sale for you, and make the sale for the person that is placed under you, and so on and so on… and you will have the opportunity to earn monthly commissions on all of their sales in the future - passively.

Allow V to serve you with great civic care. You will experience realistic, timely, and tangible results throughout your involvement with V.

We are confident that you will be pleased to have discovered “V” and will agree that International is the most affordable and powerful home based business on Earth.

So don’t delay, with our 90 day no risk money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose! Every second you wait is another second someone else is jumping ahead of you!
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