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That Free Thing Review-Scam??
by Bob

Welcome to this site that is dedicated to giving you a comprehensive That Free Thing Review.

As you may know, That Free Thing is a network marketing company that offers a service in which they locate hundreds or even thousands of free offers and make them immediately available to their members.

The concept behind the company’s service is that there are thousands of free offers that are available to consumers to all times. The trick is that usually we do not know about these offers, and if we do, the offer may no longer be available.

The company claims that the free offers that they locate are not the type where you need to sign up for something else in order to be eligible for the freebie. Their offers are the “one hundred percent FREE” kind.
What Kind of “Free Things” Can You Get?

The company locates all kinds of free offers, such as:

- Clothing
- Hotels
- Food
- Drinks/alcohol
- Household supplies
- Education
- Eyeglasses
- Automobile services
- Recreation
- Offers for military personelle
- Offers for expecting mothers
- Pet supplies
- National park and museum fees
- Software
- Cosmetics
- Office supplies
- Books
- Music
- Baby food
- Health supplements
- Craft items
- Free wi-fi locations
- Garden supplies

The list literally goes on and on. If you can name it, you can probably get it for free.

As a member of That Free Thing, when you log in to your members area, you have the ability to scroll through a categorized list of free offers that are currently available.
What’s With The Phone Apps?

Because most free offers are time sensitive, That Free Thing offers an iPhone app and a Droid app (not yet available) so members can get free offers delivered to their cell phone.

This not only adds the touch of immediate convenience, but it will give you targeted offers based on your location. You can also get immediate notifications of “Hot Deals.”
How Do You Make Money With That Free Thing?

A complete That Free Thing review is not complete without discussing the money. The company rewards it’s members by referring other people to use the company’s services and for having people automatically placed underneath you.

The That Free Thing compensation plan is a three by eight ( 3 x 8 ) force filled matrix. This means that members who sign more than three people up will force “spillover” underneath them.

This spillover will fill up spots underneath people who have not filled up all three of their first level spots. So people can be “forced” into your downline.

The company also claims to have no sponsorship requirements. This is a positive thing for those who don’t intend to really work the business because they can still make money even if they don’t sponsor a single soul.

My only warning if you are thinking if you are going to make tons of money by merely signing up is that you better either:

1) Sign up in the company in it’s early stages (the company pre-launched on March 1st, 2011), or

2) You better hope to get in underneath a couple of real “go-getters” if you hope to make some good money.

If all eight of your levels fill up, you will earn over eighty thousand (80,000) dollars a year. But like I said, you probably are going to have to meet one of the two above criteria for that to happen.
The Best Way To Boost Your That Free Thing Commission

The company also built in a matching bonus program to motivate people to sign others up. This is the coal that will make the engine run.

Any good compensation plan MUST reward people for going above and beyond. That Free Thing does it by giving matching bonuses on the people you sign up.

If you personally sign up five people, you earn forty percent of what your first level people earn. So if sign up five people that are making
$500 each, you will make an additional thousand dollars on your matching bonus check.

If you sign ten people up, you will also get a thirty percent check on your second level.

If you sign up fifteen people, you will earn an additional thirty percent on your third level.

This matching bonus portion of the compensation plan should help ensure that the company grows and it should keep “service users” around because they will be making some money on members that are forced underneath them in the pay plan.
The Cost To Join That Free Thing

It costs twenty five (25) dollars to join That Free Thing. This is a one time fee and the fee is shared with distributors.

Every month, there is a fee of $9.95 that each distributor/service user must pay in order to remain active within the company.

Once the first two levels of a distributor’s matrix are filled, they are pretty much breaking even. The fund begins a little bit after that when hopefully leverage kicks in.

What you have to remember if you are looking to make money with That Free Thing is because it is such a low cost opportunity, you need more people in your downline in order to make any real money.

But since the cost entry point is so low, a lot more people will be less hesitant to join.
So Should You Join That Free Thing?

Well, honestly, you’re going to have to answer that question yourself. But here’s my opinion on it:

If you’re even thinking about it, you might as well give it a shot, test out the service, get some free stuff, and see if you can stick with it long enough to see some leverage kick in and make some money.

After all, there’s no reason why you can’t save yourself more than ten dollars a month by taking advantage of some free offers of stuff you normally would buy anyway.
Go here to learn more or lock in your spot!:
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