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About Page Have you ever heard the name Jordan Burroughs before?
Most people haven't... and it's a shame.....
by Ronald

Have you ever heard the name Jordan Burroughs before?

Most people haven't... and it's a shame.
Because recently he accomplished something that logically is impossible... yet he did it because he has ONE focus... GOLD.

Jordan won the Olympic gold medal in wrestling in London, which is a pretty amazing feat by itself...

Then, the following year, he competed in the world tournement (the equavalant of the Olympics during the off years), and he won the gold medal again!

But this year, with less than a month before the world tournament, he broke his ankle. :(
Check out this story posted on


With surgical screws in an ankle he fractured less than a month ago, Jordan Burroughs of the USA won a world title in freestyle wrestling Wednesday in Budapest, Hungary. His latest title adds to the Olympic gold medal he won in 2012 and his first world title in 2011.

In the final at 163 pounds, Burroughs beat Ezzatollah Akbarizarinkolaei of Iran 4-0.

Burroughs broke the ankle Aug. 22 during a workout at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The fracture was repaired with five screws. He did not resume full training until he arrived in Hungary less than a week ago.

"I'm like Iron Man now," Burroughs said on the website of USA Wrestling.

He said he broke the ankle while running sprints when he tried to stop his momentum by jumping against a wall.

"The doctor made it extra stable for me to be able to compete. He said he could do the type of surgery that would guarantee I would be able to compete," said Burroughs, 25, who is from Sicklerville, N.J.

He was on crutches for a couple of weeks. He rode a bike and lifted weights until he could wrestle.

"I have only wrestled live once in the last four weeks and that was here," said Burroughs. "It's definitely the biggest win of my career. It's special, real special."


Can you imagine that? Breaking an ankle and then within a month winning the world championship (in arguably the toughest weight class in the world!?!)

He was able to do this BECAUSE his eyes were focused on ONE thing... winning.

In business, too often people have goals or dreams that they want to be successful, but when an obstacle comes up... it could be anything, they stop.

To win in this game, you have to have a mindset like Jordan...

You have to focus on your goal...
and don't let ANYTHING get in the way.
Yes, I'm saying NO MORE EXCUSES...

I hear all the time things like:
- I don't have the time
- I don't have money
- I don't know how to __________...

Those things CAN'T hold you back. You have to break through those barriers if you want to be successful, and learn how to become resourceful.

Want to learn how I did it?
Go watch this video here:

And maybe I'll be able to help you on your journey too.

Talk soon
Ronald M
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