The History of Coffee  
About Page A brief history of the origins of coffee.
The History of Coffee
by Patricia camacho

Coffee - the drink of choice. Did you know coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world? The questions about the origins of coffee are many and it is difficult to separate legend from facts.
...Where did coffee originate?
...What country first figured out coffee was safe for consumption?
....When was the first coffee prepared?
...Where did the first coffee shop come into being?
We may never know for sure but one thing is certain. Coffee is the most consumed beverage on the planet after water.
Perhaps it came from Abyssinia located in the vicinity of the Red Sea around seven hundred AD. During this same period Africans were using the coffee berry pulp for rituals and health purposes.
Coffee began to get more attention when the Arabs were introduced to it around one thousand AD. It is speculated that trade ships brought the coffee their way. By roasting and boiling the bean they made a drink which they called gahwa which means to prevent sleep and was considered an energy drink. They experimented with the bean and soon everyone in Arabia was drinking coffee.
Coffee shops started spreading in the Arabian Peninsula in 1400 and by 1475 the first coffee shop opened in Constantinople. A few years later coffee was introduced to Turkey. People went to the coffee shops to socialize, listen to music, play games and of course drink coffee. The coffee shops in Turkey were called “school of the wise” because you could learn so much by just visiting the coffee house and listening to conversations. By the sixteen hundreds coffee made its way to Europe through the port of Venice. Turkish warriors also brought the drink to the Balkans, Spain and North Africa. Coffee houses soon started popping up In Italy, England and Paris. By the year 1600 Captain John Smith, who found the colony of Virginia at Jamestown was believed to introduce coffee to North America.
Coffee in the 20th Century
New methods for brewing coffee start popping up everywhere.
The first commercial espresso machine is designed in Italy.
Melitta Bentz makes a filter using blotting paper.
Dr. Ernest Lily manufactures the first automatic espresso machine.
The Nestlé company introduces Nescafe instant coffee.
Achilles Gaggia perfects the espresso machine.
Hills Bros. begins packing roasted coffee in vacuum tins eventually ending local roasting shops and coffee mills.
A Japanese-American chemist named Satori Kato from Chicago invents the first soluble coffee
German coffee importer Ludwig Roselius gives some ruined coffee beans to researchers who perfect the process of removing caffeine from the beans without destroying the flavour.
George Constant Washington an English chemist living in Guatemala creates the first mass-produced instant coffee name called Red E Coffee.
Brazil asked Nestle to help solve their coffee surpluses so the Nestle Company creates instant coffee.
Nestle also makes Nescafe and introduces it to Switzerland.
In Italy Achilles Gaggia perfects his espresso machine.
Now in the 21st century we have many different styles, grinds, and flavors of coffee served in coffee houses all over the world and there is no sign of coffee consumption decreasing.
Researchers are even finding many health benefits of coffee.
Drink and enjoy!
Some facts and probably myths about the origins of coffee.
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