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An email arrived in my inbox this morning in broken
halting English...


"Hello Mr Jo Han Mok:

My name is Nguyen Ly, and I am 23 years old from Ho
Chi Minh, Vietnam. I join you Clickbank Player's Club,
and me use the 'money' site and put on Internet. In 2
day, me make $13.51. Me and family so happy, because I
can make money on Internet even when my English no
good. I thanks you very much help me make money help
me and family."


Imagine that?

You have no idea how I felt after I read this.


$13.51 isn't much, but in a country where the average
wage is $300 USD a month, it means a LOT.

And it means even more to an individual who managed to
make it in spite of their limited linguistic skills.


Yes...YOU who probably speaks and write better than 23
yr old Vietnamese friend Nguyen Ly.

"When was the last time YOU made $13.51 on the

If not...when will you ever start?

I suggest you click on the link below to start now.

The 'little guy' CAN succeed!

Jo Han Mok
#1 International Bestselling Author of "The E-Code"
The POWER of Now starts here:
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