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There are many ways businesses can benefit by being a member of The Customer Advantage (TCA). TCA will assist businesses to enquire more new customers quickly without upfront investment, not like other coupon company, TCA will help business financially by give back a percentage of their profits to their members. Let’s look at how the daily deal industry works...

The Online Daily Deal Industry

The convergence of technology, marketing and social networks has created an opportunity for this industry. The growth has been massive! GROUPON is the global market leader and is the fastest growing company in the history of business, reaching 40 million customers within their first 2 years of operation. The New Zealand market leader is GRABONE. In their first year of business they sold 1.4 million coupons with turnover of $58 million.

These deal companies work with businesses to establish deeply discounted (50% or more) offers and share the purchase price 50:50 with the merchants.

The Customer Advantage (TCA)

This company has been in development for 18 months and recently launched their first local and national deals in the USA. They have grown rapidly to nearly 157,440 members and are rapidly gaining further momentum. TCA has some major points of difference compared with the companies in the industry.

The founder, John Milanowski decided to grow the company through VIRAL MARKETING which is through online social networks and word of mouth. He also decided to share the company profits 50:50 with the members. At the same time John recognized that the company could give back to local businesses and not-for-profit organisations. He has a vision that TCA will become the biggest philanthropic company in the world. Because of these points of business it is expected that TCA will become one of the major players globally in this industry. It is our expectation that TCA will launch in New Zealand within the next couple of months.

Shared by friends and family, people sign up for free membership and start receiving TCA’s daily deals just like other coupon companies. There is no compulsion for members to buy these deals, members have the ability to forward these offers onto their social network contacts and/or forward them by email to their friends. These friends then join TCA for free and can purchase that or any future deals and often forward the deals onto their network of friends. This creates massive momentum for the deal companies.

There is no cost to become a member of TCA and never will be. There are no ongoing costs unless they decide to purchase any of the deals…

TCA compensates their member who help them to spread the words around, in general if each member has enrolled 15 people, then they will be qualified for up to 5 levels of payout on 5% of the value of whatever deals other members in their network have purchased for. For more detail on payouts, please see the other file attached.

How Business can benefit from TCA?

The proprietor, manager or a member of the family can become a member on their Level 1, they enroll the business as a member on their Level 2 and then register the business as a merchant which means that they collectively get 12% on each transaction made by their team (5% on level 1, 5% on Level 2 and 2% to infinity).

The business joins and gets 5% of each transaction then enrolls as a merchant and then gets another 2% to infinity for enrolling a business.

The business joins TCA on their Level 1 and then enrolls all their staff on their Level 2 which is an added incentive for the staff to promote TCA.

The business contacts all their customers (assuming they have a data base) and asks them to join TCA on their link in order to purchase their upcoming deal as well as any future deals.
The business runs a promotion for all of their customers asking their friends to join TCA and rewards those who enroll people e.g. a free drink with each pizza or a free coffee with each bakery purchase or 10% off a meal or takeaway purchase or similar.

A business owner enrolls another business down the road and encourages that business owner to do the same promotions to build up his database and so on to build their network. When 1000 people all purchasing 1 deal worth $20 each month comes to $20000 per month, so 5% of that would give the business an extra $1000 per month. The average sale made by Grabone over the last 12 months was $40, so if the business achieved that with their team they would be earning $2000 per month. If the owner enrolled the business and the business introduced the merchant account they would get 12% so that means the business and the owner would be getting an extra 12% which will amount to at least an extra $2000 per month probably nearer $4000 per month.

Depending on the type of business and the time spent on each transaction, a customer could be enrolled in the business while waiting e.g. a pizza store. Otherwise a flyer could be given out with each purchase to help grow your TCA network.

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