About Page Why is ad-tracking so important? It can cost you money if you do not track!
Are You Tracking Ads or Wasting Cash?
by Kathleen VanBeekom

Since the dinosaur-age of mail-order, the most successful promoters have been tracking their ads. Tracking can be done by source (website, or printed publication) or by headline, or by banner, or splash page, or by wording used in the ad-body.

If you're not tracking, you could be consistently wasting money on sources that are not pulling for you. How many lists are you subscribed to, as an upgraded member? Are you paying monthly for several memberships and never tracking your results?

I recently contacted a list owner because I have an upgraded membership and emailed twice to the entire membership of over 6,000 people and got zero clicks both times. That is unsatisfactory, actually, it's terrible to pay a couple hundred dollars and get zero clicks. Ridiculous! Do you even know if this is happening with YOUR mailings to lists you've paid for? Find out! Track those ads!

Now about banners, some pull high and some don't pull much at all. Have you ever put tracking links with your banners? Or splash pages?

Subject-lines and wording are extremely important, just changing one word can have a dramatic impact on your response rate, or changing a number to a worded figure, changing $10,000 to the term 5-Figures can bring a different result.

Try it! Track everything you do and see how it's all going. Especially find out if your paid memberships are bringing you expected results!

One little change of wording, a change of banner, one change can make a big difference in your income.

Low click rates from paid lists...stop using those, save your money and put it into better-performing lists.

You'll be very glad you started tracking your ads & sources. Start today!
EZ Wealth Solution offers members an exclusive tracking system so you can track & test up to 15,000 links, subject-lines banners, splash pages, and especially your ad sources.
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