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Internet Marketing Tips for Using Free Email Advertising
by Karen Gates

I firmly believe that using email is still a great way to promote, market and profit from your online business. And the fact that it is free, makes it even better.

Free advertising works and I use it every day. Do not let anyone tell you that it is a waste of time.

I also have come to the conclusion that being consistent, giving people what they are looking for will usually result in you benefiting and profiting.

Using free email marketing resources is a great way to get seen and heard. My experience online has shown me that if I send my ads on Tuesdays and Thursdays, these seem to be the best days to get responses to your efforts. Friday also seems to be the day for people to actually open their emails. Maybe they are cleaning their in boxes or are looking for an online opportunity. In any case, preferably sending emails in the morning will enable people to read them during lunch breaks and after work and even late into the night. Most internet users delete emails that have boring headlines and emails from people they do not recognize. To ensure all of your emails are read, it is important to have an eye catching headline. Also, keep your ad short and to the point. 4 6 lines is preferred.

Sending your email campaigns in programs like Yahoo and Google is a must. Yahoo has thousands of Groups in hundreds of niche specific markets. The same goes for Google Groups. If you do not mail to these targeted groups you are literally missing out on sending your ads to 1,000,000s of people and potential signups and sales. Go to Yahoo or Google browser and type in groups. You should also track your click thru hits. If you see website traffic increased to your email campaigns, keep advertising. Try using different headlines and ad copy. This will also determine which ad works the best.

There are literally thousands of ways to advertise online. Free email marketing is absolutely an effective and useful tool for advertising your online business. And the fact that it is free, makes it all the better. Everyone is striving to be successful online and you will have to work hard to be heard and to be one of the best.

Using free advertising and free email advertising works and will always use it as often as I can.
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