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About Page Viral Cycler is a fully automated marketing system, earn an endless number of $47 commissions on Auto-Pilot.
Viral Cycler
by David Johnson

Viral Cycler Marketing System

Anytime someone subscribes to your marketing system they will begin to receive emails that include your Viral Cycler affiliate link. When someone clicks on your affiliate link and joins the program you earn a $47 commission.
You do not need to promote your lead capture page. The system does this for you automatically. Your lead capture page is promoted on a network of sites and in paid advertising campaigns. These will all be targeted visitors that will be interested in this program.
Basically all you need to do in this program is join, upgrade and configure your marketing system. The program will promote your lead capure page for you. You then earn $47 commissions without referring anyone.
Viral Cycler accepts PayPal and Credit Cards for payment. It only takes a one time $97 payment to get started.

My Experience with Viral Cycler

From my personal experience, I've found that Viral Cycler is one of the easiest programs to build that I've ever come across. The 1-time $97 enrollment fee ensures that pretty much anybody can afford to join and the $47 instant commissions makes it really easy for people to get into profit right away. I made my investment back the very next day.
I was able to see 4 figures in my first day and help 24 other people make money by that time as well. My third day with the program was a $500 day, and my 5th day was a $925 day. Our team has a ton of momentum building and things are getting really exciting! This program just launched on April 26, 2013. Jump early and join now pay your enrollment fee and become a founding member before its too late.
After joining please email me and I will provide a list of my personal advertisting sites that work. I want you to be successful after joining so please do not hesitate to email me. @

To Your Success

Viral Cycler Compensation Plan

It all starts with a 1-time $97 to get started. This is the only payment you will ever have to make, everything else comes out of profit. This $97 payment gets you access to the back office, all the products, the marketing system. Viral Cycler pays 100% $47 instant commissions means people will jump on this and you can easily start seeing multiple sales per day.

My Conclusion of Viral Cycler

Viral Cycler, at the center, a simple platform built for the beginner internet marketer. It's very simple to get started, very easy to get into profit quickly, and has the potential behind it to go the distance.
I highly recommend this program and I encourage you to come join my team and experience the momentum firsthand.

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