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Want Me to Join Your Business?
by Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato

We always appreciate it when someone cares enough to want to share their enthusiasm about a new or existing business opportunity with us.

After 32 years in the direct sales and network marketing industry, having spent 18 years among the top five percent of income earners in that industry, I do have a very clear sense of the kinds of businesses that work, those which have begun to become less-than-relevant, and those which will decline over the next five to ten years.

My criteria for inclusion in my personal business portfolio is very specific, and in fact, would actually disqualify two of the companies that are in my portfolio at the present time, which will be completely phased-out and eliminated from the portfolio over the next two years. If you would like me to consider your company, please be sure that it meets all of the following criteria:

- The company must have been in business for three years or more.
- The company must be debt-free.
- The company must offer a business than can be started with less than $300.
- There must not be a fee for joining as a preferred customer.
- There must not be a monthly cost for your marketing website, over $15/month.
- The company must not be a binary program.
- You must be able to grow and market your business for less than $50/month.
- You must be able to “max out” the compensation plan with fewer than FIVE personal enrollments.
- You must not have to participate in an autoship program to earn commissions. (Your volume requirements should be able to come from retail sales.)
- You must not have a monthly recruiting quote or retail quota to earn commissions.
- Your company must be operating in a minimum of 20 countries, and I must be able to enroll people online, without ever picking up the phone.
- Your company must be able to pay commissions worldwide, via debit card or direct deposit.
- I should not have to spend time doing home parties, retail sales, or delivering products.
- I should not EVER have to stock inventory of any kind.

If your company meets these simple criteria, I would love to know more about it.
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