Why High PageRank Backlinks Are So Important for SEO  
About Page Did you know Google ranks your site according to the amount of high pagerank backlinks a website has. If you have a website and you do not have good high page rank websites with links on those sites pointing to your website then you could potentially lose out on gaining Google's trust / authority for your website.
Why High PageRank Backlinks Are So Important for SEO?
by Barbara Blevins

Part 1 -You see Google likes to rank websites highly in the search engine if they have quality page rank links pointing to them. Obtaining high page rank links are the biggest challenge any website owner faces but yet people who are not aware of this can spend months getting ordinary backlinks and not know why they are still not ranking well.

The problem is not only finding these backlinks but also spitting out the data and submitting links to those pages in an easy to use way.

You can do this manually using Yahoo Site Explorer but it only gives you the link count, it doesn't give you page rank data for each site and if you do find page rank data ,it doesn't collect the data in an easy to use fashion so that you can submit to only sites that have good pagerank and dofollow.

Find out exactly how you can automate this process - it can save all the manual work and handle the submissions on autopilot, there is nothing else like it.
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