About Page Wikaniko is something that every family should explore, and here you will find out why.
What is Wikaniko?
by Lynn Rudyk

The ‘gentle revolution’ is at last happening. People are becoming more aware of their surroundings, and the problems that are affecting our world.
Yet there are still a few mysteries surrounding the ‘green’ issue.
Are some companies simply jumping on the bandwagon?
Why does ‘green’ often mean expensive?
Can I really make a difference when there’s only one of me?
How do I get my family to become greener?
There’s a simple solution…..and it is called Wikaniko.
This innovative company provides a vast range of wonderful home and personal products through local distributors. The products range from rubbish bags that totally disappear after a short while, through to makeup which is so good you can actually eat them! In fact, there are almost 500 products to choose from…..
Notwithstanding the fact that the products are excellent, and reasonably priced, there is an opportunity to make some extra income too, by spreading the word.
We’re keen to hear from you if you have some spare time on your hands, and would like to help others become greener, and if you would like to make more
income by doing something really worthwhile. There are so many ways to promote the business, from home shopping and beauty catalogues, to your own
glorious web site. Or would you like to buy eco-friendly products at discounted prices? Now you c
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