About Page We know that Zeek is a pretty extensive programs with layers of learning throughout the process.
Getting Started with Zeek
by Kolinf

At Zeek, you get 4 of your very own websites, unique to your username that track everything directly to you.
They are your Zeekler penny auction website. Your ZeekRewards business opportunity site. Your FSCStore site and your ShoppingDaisy site.
These are the links where customers and prospects can check-out, download and buy your products (which is how you earn money!)
Write them down, email them, post, share and tweet them to your network. Be sure to give them out to everyone you know
This is your Zeekler penny auction website: http://kolinf.zeekler.com
ZeekRewards Biz Opp Site: http://kolinf.zeekrewards.com/
ShoppingDaisy Site: http://kolinf.shoppingdaisy.com
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