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About Page A friend of mine's laptop was recently stolen, and I thought I'd share about what she did about it!
Have you ever had your laptop stolen?
by Brad Pollina and Rachel Rofe

My friend Rachel send this to me and I thought I'd share:

The other day my laptop got stolen.

It was at a high-end business meeting in a secured room with people I've
known all year. I put my computer bag and my purse down so I could help
some people pack up our meeting room.

When I came back, my laptop and all my cash was missing.


To add insult to injury I called Carbonite (where I back up my computer) and
they told me that apparently my computer had been in "Recovery Mode"
since May.

In laymen's terms... nothing was backed up.

I definitely lost some momentum. I'd been on a major roll. Luckily I do have
Dropbox which had some things on there, though many of my major projects
were on my desktop, forever gone.

While I could've been angry (and trust me, I definitely had my moment), I
decided I wasn't going to let it stop me.

As I drove to file my police report the next day, I decided I was going to fight
"darkness" with light. I rolled down the windows in my car and sang loud for the
whole 45 minute trip, making people near me smile.

I paid the toll for the guy behind me on the Golden Gate bridge.

And I bought a new Macbook Air, which is WAY lighter than the Macbook Pro.
I love it.

As I was buying my computer, the Apple salesman told me he published a book
about his life story. He felt it was really important for the world to know about it but
had no idea how to get any sales. I started coaching him on some of the stuff in
Page One Profits (see )

He was VERY grateful and I felt awesome to be able to help.

Crappy things are always going to happen... but luckily, we have the power to
choose how we want to respond to them. :)

I hope this message proves timely for you today. :)

Brad Pollina and Rachel
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