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I'm a Sokule Seeker
Walter Paul Bebirian - there are many things that we have to choose from that are available to many people now - but to really succeed it is best to -
do something totally different:
7:55 AM May 23rd 17 from Web
Walter Paul Bebirian 7:48 AM May 23rd 17 from Web

10-19-2056f every single situation and event can be transformed in any way that you want it to be

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Walter Paul Bebirian 8:51 PM May 22nd 17 from Web

This is a test to see if I can embed a Facebook Live into this Sowall -

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Walter Paul Bebirian 9:06 AM Oct 09th 16 from Web
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Walter Paul Bebirian 8:07 AM Aug 25th 16 from Web

How to forecast the future using art as a tool

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Walter Paul Bebirian 8:35 AM Aug 01st 16 from Web

The Richest Man in The World Ever looks to share with you -
please make use of what he is offering to you now!

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Walter Paul Bebirian 6:04 AM Apr 16th 16 from Web
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Walter Paul Bebirian 2:39 AM Mar 20th 16 from Web

This is an exhibit running continuously on a new live streaming platform called Blab

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Walter Paul Bebirian 9:01 AM Feb 02nd 16 from Web

there are so many choices and directions to go in this world that it can be really overwhelming for many people who are either used to - trained or simply not familiar with any way of living other than one where they are told exactly what to do next - that is a very difficult place to be in if you want to earn money in your own business - how can you unlearn what you are used to? focus on exactly what you want to do and nothing else at all - do that and the rest will be shown one step at a time

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Walter Paul Bebirian 2:02 PM Jan 18th 16 from Web
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