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Rosemary Pratt - True jkspel re Fortune Frontier.So why don't the rest of you guys sign up under jkspel and me!! jkspel's link is below this.Mine is
Jane will still benefit.Let's share the love.
7:43 PM Mar 01st 10 from Web
Rosemary Pratt 4:43 PM Dec 29th 09 from Web

Trying out the Sokule image thingy.It sure does crop!! I got about two sq cms of our koala's backside!But it will be great when I get the right image.Happy New Yera everyone.

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Rosemary Pratt 6:44 AM Dec 16th 09 from Web

Too much life and not enough income ?

 favourite this squeek 
Rosemary Pratt 7:55 AM Dec 10th 09 from Web

Hi from Oz.Scream!I wasn't planning an
Aussie natural history lesson but I just had to make a
hard decision.Watching TV and a huge, and I mean, huge
spider appeared crawling across the ceiling.It was at
least 6 inches, or 16 cm across.I very much value wild
life but I knew I wouldn't sleep with that on the
loose.I wasn't game to catch and dispatch so that was
the hard decision - a hard jab on the ceiling with the
floor mop.....
Easy peasy decision

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Rosemary Pratt 7:51 AM Dec 10th 09 from Web

RS @vkule Funniest baby dancing to Beyonce music..

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Rosemary Pratt 9:26 PM Dec 07th 09 from Web

Here's a fun snippet from OZ! We have a koala practising his mating call in a gum tree not far from our bedroom window.The cockatoos obviously don't like it as much as girl koalas do and screech at him until he leaves his tree.Then when he climbs another one they harass him again, poor fellow.If you are not familiar with koala mating calls......go to the link in the koala article on this page.
Not into koalas?

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Rosemary Pratt 12:15 PM Dec 04th 09 from Web

@jpeads testing the reply for rosemary

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Rosemary Pratt 8:03 PM Nov 07th 09 from Web

Well! I may be a senior citizen but very thankfully I have full use of my legs.Today I received an email advertising electric wheelchairs.Very snazzy but not something I need just now.Point? Don't waste your advertising efforts or heaven forbid your ad dollars.Visit my page at Sokule to find some great advertising.Better still join Sokule and find a whole community of savvy people who know a thing or two about advertising.One click and you're done.

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Rosemary Pratt 5:59 AM Nov 04th 09 from Web

I won $50 at a party today.It was an online party for the Australian launch of Sokule.Sorry if you missed it.We had shrimps on the barbie because many people at the party were Americans.Aussies only put prawns on the barbie. We have just the best prawns in Oz. We can't say no to them.I couldn't say No to this either. This programme has only green prawns, but put them on the barbie and Whooooosh ..... they turn into the green spendin stuff.You should try some.

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Rosemary Pratt 9:52 PM Nov 02nd 09 from Web

Oh my! I just came off the call with Jane,Phil and Dave Dubbs.Sokule gets better every day.Can you believe THIS!

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