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Chris Schrock - Not release to the public yet, will open up on Tuesday, be the first, this is all you need, you can retire from this alone! check out the site I will let you know when you can sign up at
6:15 PM Jan 29th 12 from Web
Chris Schrock 7:23 PM Jan 08th 12 from Web

The best paying business plan you have ever seen, guaranteed. If you are a networker, I personally guarantee you have never seen anything like this!

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Chris Schrock 7:26 PM Jun 21st 10 from Web

Here is how my buddy made $15,380.00 residual income his very first month, in business. This is better than a goldmine!

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Chris Schrock 12:02 PM May 22nd 10 from Web

Marathon Saturday Today 2:00 pm eastern. Bring three into your business rand be at a profit starting the very first day! You bring 3, they bring3 and they bring 3. That is it, paus you $4,000 per month and it won't cost you ever again.

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Chris Schrock 11:56 AM May 22nd 10 from Web

Make $4,000 today while everyone else struggles to make ends meet. You can start your own business and grow it today

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Chris Schrock 8:10 AM Mar 30th 10 from Web

Join today, take 3 positions, and get your four today and receive 400,000 Sokens as a bonus

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Chris Schrock 8:08 AM Mar 30th 10 from Web

Join today and sign up your two today, get 100,000 Sokens as a bonus.

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Chris Schrock 7:49 AM Mar 30th 10 from Web

Anyone who joins today will receive 50,000 Sokens. Just email paid receipt to csspecialty on yahoo.

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Chris Schrock 7:45 AM Mar 30th 10 from Web

Take charge of your financial future right now! Make more money than you can spend. That is what I call financially secure.

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Chris Schrock 1:22 PM Mar 29th 10 from Web

Leadership team, sponsor only two for $20,000 per month!!!

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