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Jenny Shippen - Is Your Website MOBILE FRIENDLY? If you are not reaching your mobile audience you are losing 50% of your prospective customers! and that number is getting larger each month Web3.0 is here Now WE CAN HELP SEE HOW
8:00 AM Dec 17th 13 from Web
Jenny Shippen 4:08 AM Dec 16th 13 from Web

The ICANetwork We are now known as the people program noone else does what we do offer the services that level the playing field at a low cost or no cost making our system one of the most cost effective and cost efficient means of CONNECTING COMMUNICATING AND PROMOTING FOR LOCAL BUSINESS AVAILABLE TODAY providing results interest driven not budget dependent Web 3.0 is here now dont be left behind become a mobile friendly presence checkout how we can help

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Jenny Shippen 12:41 PM Oct 05th 13 from Web

If you want to learn how to increase your business exposure at an unbelievable price point

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Jenny Shippen 12:34 PM Oct 05th 13 from Web

The ICANetwork delivers again Unbelievable price new technology

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Jenny Shippen 9:18 PM Sep 05th 13 from Web


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Jenny Shippen 12:00 PM Aug 03rd 13 from Web

Free QR Codes for any web site and Free
Virtual Business Cards with QR Code

All FREE... ours work! And, you can win
an iPad monthly!

Details on why you need these now and
how to use QR Codes.

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Jenny Shippen 12:00 PM Aug 03rd 13 from Web

I promise this one makes money everyday STOP just reading emails 4 credits You cant eat wear or spend credits you need MONEY for that and here is where you get it

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Jenny Shippen 8:58 PM Aug 02nd 13 from Web

National TV Coverage 7Day FREE TRIAL Get National TV Coverage NOW !!!

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Jenny Shippen 1:34 PM Jun 07th 13 from Web

Become Mobile Friendly Dont Get Left Behind

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Jenny Shippen 9:10 AM Apr 30th 13 from Web


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