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Irene Reardon - Reciprocal teaching is a strategy employed by many teachers in their classrooms during their literacy sessions. The purpose of reciprocal teaching is to assist children’s comprehension by helping them bring deeper meaning to a text that is being read. It can be utilized by parents in a one-to-one situation with a child at home and eventually lead to the child using it as a reading strategy independently. Learn more..
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Teach in a Box | A Favourite Marketplace for Teachers

High quality teaching resources allow educators to enhance the learning experience of their students in a simple and effective manner. Teachers can upload their documents on the digital platform and sell them to other teachers, homeschoolers or parents who are simply wanting to enhance their children’s learning at home.

Check out our review of this exciting new resource site for educators.....

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Check out our discounts as part of the Love Back To School sale on TPT. #TPTSale

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If you feel like the number of hours in a day is just not enough for you to finish all you have to, can you imagine how difficult time management for children is?

Today, the schedule of children is as hectic as their parents and teachers. They have to balance several responsibilities at once – school, home, friends, and their interests. Read more......

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Birthday parties are a rite of passage for children. A day filled with friends, food, fun and presents all in your honor, is a highlight of most childhood memories.

It can be very easy to go overboard trying to make your child’s party an event they will always remember, but there are also a lot of easy ways to throw a healthy kids party that will satisfy everyone - kids and parents alike! Read more......

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Advertising for businesses since 1997. I am using it now so check it out if you need more traffic, customers and sales!

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Check out this exclusive, groundbreaking program that teaches reading in a way it has never been taught before—by preventing reading failure. To prevent reading struggles, children should learn five very important skills before they are taught to read. This program teaches those skills, starting with Level Pre-1, which teaches pre-readers these Big Five Skills:
1. Print Awareness
2. Letter Knowledge
3. Phonological Awareness
4. Listening Comprehension
5. Motivation to Read

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Here's a very interesting video that you should watch if you are interested in getting free traffic from Google.

The video explains some important basics about getting traffic from Google and it comes with a downloadable PDF guide (completely free) as well.

I recommend you check this out, as the PDF describes a method for optimizing your sites for search engine bots and your human visitors.

Watch the video and you will see what I mean..

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It is time to start thinking about what Halloween Costume you are choosing this year. TV & Movie Costumes are always lots of Halloween fun. 300: Rise of an Empire Costumes offer an impressive range of characters for you to really stand out this Halloween. Whichever side you choose this Halloween, you have to dress the part to be the part. Find out more ideas to make this Halloween your best ever! Go to....

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If you believe that teaching your child to read and helping your child develop proficient reading skills is the key to success in life, and if you wish to help your children develop to their fullest potential, then this is a fantastic program for young children learning to read ....

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