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S o k u l e  P o s t i n g  W i z a r d!

Stop wasting your valuable time and effort...

Submit Your Messages to 70 Top Social Media Sites and Blogs Including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Delicious, and Sokule With 1 Easy Click Action and Ping the Weblogs at the same Time!

Your 500 character message will appear on some of the best social media sites online including Twitter, Facebook and Sokule, it will also ping 33 different weblog's so the search engines can find your message fast. Your message can be all over the web in a nano-second for a crazy low...

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You must be a member of the social media sites in order to post to them. Their rules, not ours. So you have two setup choices.

1. You can have our partners do it for you...

For $197 they will set up all the sites for you, create the profiles at the networks, make your first post, start doing some backlinks for you, enter your info into Sokule for you and then send you an excel file with all your logins. This is an extremely good service and worth every penny.

For $137.00 you get all the above, but you have to enter the login info they send you into Sokule yourself.

To have all 85 Social Media sites set up for you click here.

2. You can do it yourself...
Start easy Just set up two or three sites a day. It will take a while for you to do this, but it won't cost you anything and you can be posting to the sites you have already setup like Twitter, Facebook, Blogger.

The Sokule Submit marketing tool is proudly brought to you by...

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Important things to consider

  • You can submit 500 character length messages. The Wizard will shorten your message for Twitter and the other social media sites and it will insert a bit.ly link which leads people back to your Sokule page where they can read your full message.

  • You can submit up to 5 different messages per day, maximum of 3 per hour.

  • Then the wizard will ping 33 different top weblog's sites automatically. This is where the search engine robots hang out to grab new content they can serve up to their users. This will help you get the website exposure you've been looking for.

  • Your profile will appear on all the top social media sites and if you choose a really kule name, or handle, you can brand yourself all over the web.