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(JBP) Are You Surfing Dangerously? You Are At Risk But Don't Know It.

Hello Fellow Marketer,

If you are like most online, and use a windows-based system,
you have some sort of anti-virus software loaded on your

Does that mean you're safe or do you just have a false sense
of security?

There are very few anti-virus programs that are tailored
to fit the activities of a typical online surfer like AVG.

AVG's Link Scanner was built for this community by  
providing two levels of security:

Surf-Shield - This scans pages behind their links before
you click on them. It does the same thing every time you
enter a web address into your browser. If the page is
infected, it simply prevents you from opening it.

Search-Shield - It scans your Google, Yahoo! and Bing
search results and places a safety rating next to each
link, letting you know which sites can be trusted and
which are to be avoided.

This is important to have because if your current virus
software doesn't pick up a downloaded virus, you are
going to have to remove it manually. Would you know

Unless you're an advanced user and can find where
the virus is located on your computer, you could have
a real mess on your hands and will need to contact a

It's not worth the risk, time, and money this could cost
you. AVG is one of the best in the industry and perfect
for surfers that visit many websites.

Give it a test drive today and stop surfing dangerously!



Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

(JBP) Jaye and Brad (JB) SOTAM Co-Founders Pledge (P)

As the Co-Founders of State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, we pledge to
only promote quality programs that add value to your
advertising/money making efforts. While we cannot guarantee
every opportunity will be worthwhile, we will research the
admin history, market opportunity, and promote only those
programs we believe to have the highest market demand.


Jaye Pause is Co-Founder of State-Of-The-Art-Sites. State-Of-The-Art-Sites designs simple yet sophisticated advertising systems that challenge conventional wisdom.

->   http://state-of-the-art-mailer.com/Promotions/Stop-Surfing-Dangerously-By-Using-AVG-AntiVirus


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