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I Built a list of 343,221 and I am giving it to You
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I Built a list of 343,221 and I am giving it to You


See the whopping bonus that comes with
our platinum lifetime memberhip below
It has a value of 2400.00. That's really
Kule. You will see it right on the main
sales page of Kule Mail. Don't miss it

I built a list of 343,221 members and I
am giving it to you.


You can reach every single one of them
at their contact addresses.

No waiting for the site to build lists
for you to mail to.

We have already done that for you.

You can reach 343,221 plus contact members
10,000 at a time and you can do it right now.

Nothing like this exists on the net.
We have no competition anywhere.

No Credits to earn

Just good old access to a huge mailer.

You will be reaching our members at their
contact addresses at our huge very well
known JPEads contact lists.


You can join fr*ee and ea*rn mailings by
recruiting 10 people.

But if you want the real McCoy ...

If you want to be able to mail regularly
and often, you will need to purchase a
mailing membership and they are very limited.

You have a number of levels to choose from.

The first to go will be our One Time lifetime

There are now 4 available and that's it

If you miss it on sign up, the members area
will cost you 100.00 more for the upgrade
in the members area.

If you want the top of the line, grab it today
at this opening price.


And you can ea*rn your membership back in
a heartbeat. Just let others know about KuleMail
and pur some commi-ssions in your pocket on

Go get um

Kule Mail
JPE Advertising
Sokule Inc

PS Be Sure to check out the bonuses that
come when you pick up the lifetime platinum

It's a value of over 2400.00
That's really Kule!!!!

PPS Be sure to join our sister site, Sokule
It's a Social Media site that will rock your
business. Post to 86 Social Media sites with
just 1 click.



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