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What? Your'e Not Rich Yet?

You filled out a form, confirmed your email address
and you didn't earn 5 figures the next day so you
filled out another form and checked back later.
Still nothing, over and over, then you give up
and say it's a "scam".

When you got your first JOB(just over broke), you
filled out an application, had interviews and they
hired you. What happened next? Oh right, you
went to WORK, 7-10 hours a day, 5 or 6 days
a week and in about 3 weeks you finally got a
pay check for the 1st week. Am I right so far?

Working online is better than a JOB. It is your
own business and requires hard WORK.

I was self employed as a dress maker(seamstress) for

10 years and then switched over to drapery and
home decor. I worked 10-15 hours a day, 6 days
a week. My works are all over the US and Europe,
but it was hard work and I need a change so here
I am online.

After 5 years of hit and miss(chasing the next new
idea) I have learned a lot, am focused and starting
to make a decent income.

Pick a good program to promote, get your own website
or start a blog and commit to work on YOUR business
on a daily basis. Consistency is KEY.

More next week,
Linda Huggins


Linda Huggins is an internet marketer/advertising who is finally "getting it".

->   http://www.sokule.com/postit/lindah3


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