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Unlimited Voice Text Data Cellular Service Affiliate Program

girlonphoneAs we get closer to our National Launch Day on September 21, 2012, we are setting up some things that will make the business owners take note. A recent announcement noted that a business owner can have multiple phone accounts under his/her social security number, thereby making it possible to get phones for each employee (and only having to pay $49 per month for unlimited voice/text/data on one of the largest and fastest 4G networks) and bill them all to one credit card. This makes the record keeping a snap, and you can immediately start saving/earning money.

You see, our phone service comes with an affiliate program that pays you for every 3 phone lines that you help us sign up. Imagine getting $20 for every three phones that are being used by your employees. That would help reduce the monthly outlay for your cellular bill, right? Think of it as a discount that can eventually outgrow your bill.

Let’s say you talk with another business owner, and you tell them how much you are saving on your plan… and he decides to sign up his employees. You are going to see $20 for each 3 of his employees who are using the phone service! But that is not the end of it. If some of your employees decide that they want to become an affiliate for this service… and they take over the payment of the cell service and then sign up their family… now you are growing your discount… beyond what you are paying for your employees! At this point, the money coming in from the affiliate program is unstoppable. I mean, really, if you are getting a great price on a service that you use every day, why would you switch? And if you are getting paid when you share with your friends? Stop? Heck no!

The cellular phone is not going away any time soon… it may get smaller and become something you wear in your ear, but it will exist in some form for a long time in our future. And our affiliate program will help ensure that people are getting paid for telling others about this amazing service.

Why not put your business into a more competitive position by reducing your employee cellular service and start getting a discount that grows when you grow?

Use the contact form on our site to get more information about how we can help your business slash the cost of employee cellular usage.


Micheal Savoie is an entrepreneur who talks about how to get your websites and blogs online on his weekly talk show: Blogging With Micheal

->   http://49dollarcellular.com


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