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Hey you! You don't need to be a wize guy to use our blogging system.

You can sign up for free: http://robbie101.blogfather.net

Ultimately to succeed on the Internet you need traffic. To get traffic you need to be in good position in Google. Google
being the grand daddy of the search engines, if your in Google, you will wind up in most of the other search engines. There is a
strategy that can accomplish this. Part of that strategy is good content. And blogging distributes that content where ever you
want it to go as well as taking on a life of it's own with the unpredictability of others subscribing their sites and blogs from your

When your content targets a keyword, your blog content and links will begin to feed the search engine robots for that keyword.
If done correctly with additional techniques you will find your sites rise to the top of the search engines. This is not easy to do,
especially with most blog systems.

There are many free blog systems out there. IE: blogtext.org, bloty.com, nowblogging.net, bloglines.com. But these and
most of the others are difficult to setup and understand. And the admins may at their discretion, block your account or cancel it.
Another option is to install a blog system on your own website. This is even more difficult.

But there is an alternative that is very easy to set up and use. You can also be confident that your content will never be
blocked or account canceled unless you use your blog for porn or slander. That alternative is blogfather.net. The blogfather
takes 10 minutes to set up and start blogging. Blogfather has every type of RSS feed to syndicating your blog is a snap. And
Blogfather is the only blog on the Internet that comes with free live training teaching content and SEO techniques. That
training is found by joining Veretekk, the provider of Blogfather.

Join Veretekk here: http://robbie101.veretekk.com

Testimonial from an SEO master and Veretekk trainer:

I have been consistently blogging for search engine placement on Google for years. The consistent effort, along with the
keyword specific articles, empowers me with the ability to place my information on any keyword category named.

I have used blogger.com, bloglines.com and the blogging system in my hosting account as well. I find that the BlogFather blog
is very simple to use, as the absolute key to any blogging system is the content. But even more important than that is the fact
that you will never have the issue of having your blog literally shut down, because the Googlebot views your content in a wrong
manner. I have had this happen on more than one occasion and I have never used any type of spamming techniques in any of
my presentations.

Blogfather accepts simple html code, and this makes the blog appearance come out very nicely. I prefer BlogFather over any
of the above choices for search engine rankings on Google.

Butch Hamilton-SEO Master

If you have ever wanted to carve out your own little place in the online world, a personal weblog (aka Blogfather) is just what
you need! BlogFather has been designed to be incredibly easy to use. Even the more un-technical people find it as simple
as "point and click!" You can be up and running with your very own personal Blog in less than 10 minutes. Just following the


You can sign up for free: http://robbie101.blogfather.net


Philip and Robbie Bracco have been online marketers and team leaders since 1998 and have a following of members who have worked with them for 10 years and longer.

Helping others realize success.

Fruitland Park, United States | Online Marketing, Training, Gifting, Mentoring

People Oriented, Dedicated to a Fault, Friendly, Aggressive, Committed, Passionate, Caring, Compassionate, Will not accept Failure, Great Team Leader, Visionary and a great listener. Loves helping others realize success.

->   http://robbie101.blogfather.net


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