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You’ve Got Talent!

You’ve Got Talent! … and you don’t even know it:

Every person on this earth has some kind of gift or talent. The problem is that most of us don’t know what it is or if we know what it is we don’t share with others. Low self-esteem, timidity, fear of being rejected is often responsible for talents to stay hidden. Those with a dream have to do what it takes to realize their dream. Have you got talent?

As I came across the video of a Korean young man appearing in the Korean Got Talent show, I decided to share a few videos of these ordinary people becoming extraordinary on stage. Most of them have had very difficult lives, a low self-esteem and nobody believing in them. Even the judges in the Got Talent shows were not believing in them and they got a huge surprise just as the audience.

They’ve Got Talent! … and Nobody Knows It Yet

All the following participants of the Got Talent show are from the US, the UK and Korea.




Michel Gerard - Webmaster, Blogger, SEO, Internet Marketer and Affiliate Manager living in Bangkok, Thailand, South-East Asia.



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