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From Broke And Depressed To Millionaires In 2 Yrs


This is BIG. My wife D and I just crossed the $1,000,000 mark in earnings with our FREEDOM MOVEMENT while vacationing here in Thailand, living the life of our dreams. I remember exactly 2 years ago so vividly like it was yesterday...

eriencing some of the most difficult times of our lives...

We literally started from the BOTTOM, barley able to afford our rent in Costa Rica for $450/month...

Being dicked around in a MLM company and having our pay literally taken away because I refused to conform to the B.S. which I DIDN'T believe in...

Being told by so called industry leaders we would NEVER amount to shit...

Being told we could NEVER become successful in this industry without doing 3 way calls, prospecting on the phone and building the old school traditional way....

Being told we were too different and CRAZY and that our dreams were too far fetch and to get real...

I can go ON AND ON, but I think u get my point.

When you have a dream, you need to PROTECT that dream and go after it with EVERYTHING u got.

Don't let the haters and naysayers drag you down and steal your dreams because they have already given up on their own.

We are living proof that if we can transform our lives from broke and struggling to 7 FIGURE INCOME EARNERS that you too can do it.


Huge shot out to our mentors David Sharpe and David Wood for believing in us even before we truly believed in ourselves.

Huge shout out to my wife D for putting up with my CRAZINESS over the years and for our amazing "Love & Light" team for inspiring us to new heights.

Now is the time YOU FIGHT for YOUR dreams because let me tell you...

Sometimes in the game of life your dreams are all you have....

Who hear is gonna overcome their adversities and live their dreams regardless of what it takes?

Who hear is gonna be one of our next 7 FIGURE INCOME EARNERS?

Who hear is CRAZY enough to DREAM and change the world with us?


To lock arms with us and the
"Hippie Jedi" Click Here: http://hippiejedi.swwent.com



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