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How To Grow Your List Using Safelist Genie

One of the topics I teach on a daily basis to my associates is how to build a list long and strong where they are receptive and energized.  Building relationships and trust with your list while offering high value content is the key to the money in the list.  In this video I have created, I walk you through one of my daily activities using Safelist Genie to promote my opportunities to hundreds of thousands of targeted marketers DAILY.

A key activity for any serious marketer is building a list.  There are literally countless programs and methods in circulation on the Internet for building your list.  There is also a pile of useless misinformation that seems to be constantly disimminated in the process.  I can't tell you how many wouldbe marketers I speak with that have poured their heart and soul into following some of these programs, only to hit a dead end and the money was in the list, but it ws unfortunately in the list of the one that taught it to them.

In the video I have prepared, I am going to walk you through how I send out my targeted high-converting Solo Ad to hundreds of thousands of hungry marketers that are looking for opportunities.  Fish in the pond where the fish actually are my friend.  Safelists, also known as Viral Mailers, have been around for a while, but they haven't started catching on until the last couple of years.  There are hundreds of Safelist websites out there that are totally free to join and many of them offer discounted LIFETIME memberships that really pay huge dividends when you upgrade to them.  Safelist Genie is my tool of choice when it comes to leveraging my time and money to build my list.  This amazing piece of software has been around for a few years now and the kinks are pretty much worked out now.  This application can cut through the thousands of safelist emails like a warm knife through butter and save you hours of time in the process.


Look over my shoulder as I demonstrate how I use Safelist Genie to send out my barrage of targeted emails on a daily basis.  In the example video, I am targeting my Silver Fox Lead Broker capture page that is my core focus right now.  Harvey's amazing directory of lead generating tools is doing a fantastic job of converting and attracting just the right audience that I want in my list. You can click on the link below to see how I am using it to give away 100 opportunity seeker leads every day for free by clicking on the image below:

I have placed a link to the 14-Day free trial of Safelist Genie in the video description and in the link below for your convenience.

Safelist Genie 14-Day Free Trial

The video is just under 30 minutes, but it is worth the time to watch it below.  You might want to maximize it to a full size screen using the button in the lower-right of the video window to see all the details.





Marty Bostick is the owner and operator of Freelance Marketing Group, LLC and is 25 year career IT professional and Internet Marketer. He has successfully builds and maintains multiple residual income streams through Internet and Affiliate Marketing channels.

->   http://ibourl.com/22h0

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