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I just discovered this great banner exchange site...

You've probably heard of it Bannersgomlm.com. 
It's been around a while but I just signed up today.


It's f*ree!

They offer free membership in ways that no other
exchanges do. First, you as a member earn a full
ONE to ONE credit. This means each time you
have a visitor to your web site you receive an
exposure of your banner on another member's
site. Plus, you earn a full 10% of all impressions
generated by each and every member of your
downline, five levels deep! Your downline is
automatically created "passively" for you
because anytime someone clicks the link below
the exchange code and signs up as a member
themselves, they are placed in your first level
downline. Anyone signing up under them is placed
in your second level downline, and so on, for five
full levels. You can also "actively" build your downline
using the tools provided by BannersGoMLM.com.

If these two great benefits aren't enough to sway you
into a free membership, consider this: Visitors never
even leave your site if they click on a BannersGoMLM.com
member banner... When they click on a banner you host, a
new window opens; and when they close it, they are back
at your site! Plus, with BannersGoMLM.com's multi-page
code you can actually receive multiple full one-to-one credits
to have your banner ad shown elsewhere on the network from
a single visitor. With all of this, including the option to exclude
competitors from advertising on your site, free targeting, free
instant online banner building with the BannersGoMLM.com
Banner Wizards, a dynamic partnership program, and a whopping
$15 Signing Bonus just for joining free, you've got everything to
gain from membership at:


Linda Huggins



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