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Are You Using the I AM STILL LEARNING excuse? by Paula Frye

Are You Using the I AM STILL LEARNING excuse?




This is a subject that has really been on my heart lately. You see, there are a lot of people who would like to make money online. There are also a lot of people who will use every excuse they can think of in order to sit back and not even try. If you find yourself using an excuse over and over instead of just doing something, then maybe it's time for you to just lose the excuses.


Here are some excuses that simply make no sense to me. Why? Because all these excuses can do is stop you from doing what you need to do.


1. I am Still Learning -- Well, yes, we are all still learning. In fact, we will all be "still learning" as long as we are doing anything online. Learning is an ongoing process. You learn while you do. If you are saying this instead of getting out there and doing what you need to in order to get sales, then this excuse is just that ... an excuse. The steps to working an online business will always be the same ... join, advertise, follow-up. It's not rocket science (really). Instead of using this excuse to do nothing, drop the excuse and just learn as you go. There's really nothing stopping you from advertising something you are in. Anyone can do that. They just have to "want" to do it.


2. I Can't Sponsor -- Everytime I hear this, I cringe. You "can't" sponsor? Or you "don't want to" sponsor? You see, those are two different things. Getting signups is not as difficult as it used to be. We have automated systems now that do all of the follow-up for us. We have lead capture and other tools to help us sponsor. Our main focus is to just make sure people see our website. That would happen with advertising, no matter how you want to do it. Look, if you get a job somewhere, you don't expect someone there to work 40 hours a week for you so that you get paid for what they did. Why would you expect that from something you work online? People who do expect that will never make any decent money online. It just won't happen.


3. My Sponsor Didn't Help Me Enough ... or ... My Sponsor Disappeared -- You would be surprised how often I hear this. I'm not even sure what a statement like this even means, but people say it all the time. If you join a business online (any business) it is up to "you" to learn about the business. Your sponsor is there to answer questions, but it's up to the company to train you (and yourself). Most companies have plenty of training material you can view -- including webinars and other information. This excuse no longer holds up. I can't remember one thing I have joined in over 14 years where I thought that my sponsor had something to do with my learning or doing. I have never understood this and see it as nothing more than just another excuse. I am always available through email, and I do answer plenty of questions. However, I can't do everything for anyone ... no more than "you" could do everything for anyone else. We all have to work for ourselves. That is what working online is.


4. It's a Scam -- How could you possibly know that without really researching it? I hear this statement thrown around all the time, and I know that everything can't possibly be a "scam". That makes no sense. I will admit that there have been businesses come and go before that have just up and disappeared on people, but those businesses are usually ponzis and other businesses that are never going to amount to anything anyway. You need to find a legitimate business -- not something that is going to just close down on you. What is the point of even joining something like that in the first place? That can't possibly build any type of long-term income. It just can't.


If you find yourself using any of the excuses listed above, stop and ask yourself if your excuse is valid or if it is just a way to put off what you need to do. And if you continually use excuses instead of just "doing", ask yourself why you are even interested in working online? Or perhaps you like the learning process better than the actual "doing". In that case, perhaps working online is not really for you.


Here is a business that has been paying me consistently for over three years. This is a long-term business and is something you can build. Take the tour see what you think. I see no reason why you can't do this one: http://fryeteam.DiscoverSBC.com/?SOURCE=sokule


The next time you catch yourself using an excuse, remind yourself that sales are never going to come that way. Time is too short to waste it on excuses.


Take care,








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Paula Frye is a full-time work at home Mom from Ohio, USA. She mainly sells as an affiliate and also works a few good MLMs.

->   http://fryeteam.DiscoverSBC.com/?SOURCE=sokule


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