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It's Summer and it cost money to take advantage of the opportunities the summer provides. I can remember when one of my business partners shared about his trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ. He stated because he was able to purchase the $100+ Ride Clicker (that's not the official name, but it describes what it is) he didn't have to wait the long lines other families had to becuase they didn't make that purchase.

I also think about the story one of my mentor's tells about his cell phone going off in the movie theater and him causally answering and carried on a conversation. When asked by the part on the other end of the line, "why did you pick up the phone? I thought you were going to the movies.", my mentor replied "I'm at the movies. It's Wednesday morning. Nobody else is here except me, my wife and our baby."

Now these things may seem like trivial things to some people, but to me they were impactful illustrations of the freedom of choice that comes when are able to work from home. When you are able to earn extra income from the internet you life begins to open to new possibilities. I'd like to share this brief audio with you that give and even better description of the benefits of this life changing and life saving opportunity. 


Clarence Coggins is a Radio Personality and Internet Marketer. He currently works
as a free-lance technician full time and Network and Internet Marketer Part-time.

->   http://ccoggins.earlyfreedomplan.com


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