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Rippln Financial, This Could Be Your Number 559-892-0312..
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Rippln Financial Freedom Members, This Could Be Your Number 559-892-0312


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Rippln Financial Freedom   Rippln Financial Freedom   Rippln Financial Freedom


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Chuck Reynolds Leads is a professional Business Building Coach. My goal in the next 90 days is to have you positioned to make $100,000 this time next year in your business by offering FREE training and the best places to advertise your Rippln Financial Freedom business for free.


Rippln Review: Scam or not? By Bo Gilbert Friday, June 7th, 2013Have you got one of these rippln invites in your email inbox or on your cell phone? Have you been asked to start a ripple and jump on the latest and greatest thing that is going to change the way everything is marketed and sold on the Internet? I am not buying into it. You will not get a Rippln invite from me. I ask that if you have my contact information…. please do not give that info to Rippln. I did receive an invite from a good friend and colleague. I did not take the next step and sign up. I am sure the rippln supporters will tell me how I missed out. We will see how this thing progresses and if it succeeds the SEC checks when it starts charging for the privilege of earning from your efforts.Here is my review of Rippln based on what I have learned and from my experience with Internet Marketing and affiliate marketing. I am not on the ripple. I have not joined anyone’s ripple. I am not sending out invites, nor will I try to convince you at the end of this review to give it a try yourself. From what I can tell, its another MLM pyramid structured program that is masking itself through an app that will allow everyone to benefit from sharing products and apps in the future. They are in the so called beta phase, where everyone “has fun” trying to build their ripple as big as they can. At some point a new app is going to be available that allows you to earn from your ripple.Product Overview: I don’t think they have a real product. At least they don’t have one yet. They claim that companies will come to them and pay them to market their products though the app and the ripples…rewarding everyone all the way down in some way for spreading the word.From the outside looking in… This sounds like a viable way to market a new product. My fear is that it will be a bunch of crappy apps that are a complete waste of time or some old MLM weight loss product that wasn’t successful with its original network marketing plan. Maybe it will something new. You better believe that the people above you in the Ripple will all be singing the praises and telling you how great these products are as they attempt to get you to buy them or spend your time using them.The People and Other Companies. Go ahead and google the people that are involved. You will find ties to Burnlounge, Localadlink, and Izigg. I am not sure if any of them were in Zeekrewards and Zeekler.But Zeek Rewards is another company was shut down. Some have said Rippln has been able to grab some of the top performers from Zeek.


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Chuck Reynolds Leads is a professional Business Building Coach. My goal in the next 90 days is to have you positioned to make $100,000 this time next year in your business by offering FREE training and the best places to advertise your Rippln Financial Freedom business for free.



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