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Get Help Promoting or Get Free Bitcoin.

If you want Free Bitcoin to join

2x9 Bitmax and you want help

promoting your 2x9 Bitmax referral

link by being in my 2x9 Bitmax

Coop, click this link.



If you want help promoting Global 2x2

by being in my Global 2x2 Coop, continue



You can have both.


I liked what I saw, so decided to deposit

some funds and buy positions in first 2




Baby Plan – cost $2.00 (0.002 btc).


Starter Plan – cost $5.00 (0.005 btc).


Why do I like this plan:


1.  It’s a 2x2 so only requires 6 members

to fill it.


2.  When you cycle, you get a re-entry

back into the plan.  A Free position.


3.  Admin promotes but gives away

signups to members.


This is ideal for me to create another coop

to help everybody get signups.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join Global 2x2.



You will be joining under someone in

my Global 2x2 Coop.


2.  Activate your account by buying into

Baby Plan ($2.00 – 0.002 btc).


Send me the following:


A.  Name of your sponsor.


B.  Your referral link for inclusion

into my latest coop.


Nobody gets into the coop without

buying into the Baby plan.  This will

be actively promoted, just like 2x9 



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight







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