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Newest Coop: Get 7 Up.

How would you like to get multiple

$7. payments over and over again.


This 1 up Powerline model is probably one

of the best comp plans ever thought up.


You refer your first paid member and

that income is passed up to your sponsor.


This qualifies you to earn going forward.


Then the next paid member you refer

passes their first paid member income

up to you, who will, in turn, pass their

first paid member income up to you and

on and on.


Another great feature.  Add your favorite

programs to the downline builder.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join Get 7 Up. 



You will be joining under someone in the 



Verify your email address, then log in

and upgrade your account for a one

time payment of $10.


Send me the following, after upgrading to pro:


A.  Name of sponsor.


B. Your referral link for addition to

the coop.


Best to look at the video on the main

page to fully understand the system.


Don’t forget to add your own programs

to the downline builder or put in your

username for those you already belong to,

after you are upgraded.


If you want to be on my select list to be amongst

the first offered any new pif’s or to get into new

coops that I create or just to get news that will

help you build your business, click on this link

and confirm your email address.  You can unsubscribe

at any time.



Other programs which may interest you:


1.  Coin Nuggets.  Earn as a Free Member.



This is in the downline builder section.


2.  Legacy Team Coop.  Almost impossible to find.



This is in the downline builder section.


3.  Raging Bitcoin.  Instant payment on 3 levels.



This is in the downline builder section.


4.  Infinity Push has 3 Income Streams.



This is in the downline builder section.


5.  Infinity Traffic Boost will blow your socks off.



This is in the downline builder section.


6.  Ecoin Global has a sensible price structure.



7.  Get Help promoting Unicorn Adz.



8.  Revenue from Advertising.  Earn the Fastest 

Income there is.



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight







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