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Cash Wave Coop. 3 Guaranteed Signups.

Cash Wave has continuous cycling as the

various matrix programs are 1x2.


This means it only takes 2 people to cycle

each matrix.  


Here’s the deal:


1.  Cost to you:  $20.00


Send funds using:


Payza – c_goodnight@comcast.net    (Letter c, followed by underscore).

STP – goodcarl

Bitcoin - 14JYYJQLHeHzgYCdTmLXpUrEgVLcA92dTT

Blue Bird {AMEX}: goodcarl1@gmail.com


If you are already a member of Cash Wave,

just make the $20. payment, using one of

the payment processors and send me the



1. Name of sponsor.

2. Username.

3. Method of payment.


If you are not a member of Cash Wave,

join from the coop link.



Send me the following information:


A. Name of sponsor

B. Username

C. Method of payment

D. Where you saw the ad, if you remember.


Your referral link will be added to my

coop for 90 days and guarantees that

you will get 3 signups.


Only 1 link allowed per person.  


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight






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