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Cash Wave Coop. 3 Guaranteed Signups. Kringles Feeder to Big Payouts.

Get your pot of Gold at the end of the

Rainbow.  Suggested strategies for 

building a steady business at bottom  

of page.


Cash Wave has continuous cycling as the

various matrix programs are 1x2.


This means it only takes 2 people to cycle

each matrix.  


Here’s the deal:


1.  Cost to you:  $5.00


Send funds using:


Payza – c_goodnight@comcast.net    (Letter c, followed by underscore).

STP – goodcarl

Bitcoin - 14JYYJQLHeHzgYCdTmLXpUrEgVLcA92dTT

Blue Bird {AMEX}: goodcarl1@gmail.com


If you are already a member of Cash Wave,

just make the $5. payment, using one of

the payment processors and send me the



1. Name of sponsor.

2. Username.

3. Method of payment.


If you are not a member of Cash Wave,

join from the coop link.



Send me the following information:


A. Name of sponsor

B. Username

C. Method of payment


You will get 1 feeder position:


1.  One position purchased for you in

the Kringles Feeder (value $4.00).


This is a Feeder into the Big Payout matrices.


Your referral link will be added to my

coop for 90 days and guarantees that

you will get a minimum of 3 signups.


If 90 days have passed and you have

not gotten 3 signups, your link will remain

in the coop until you get 3 signups.


Only 1 link allowed per person.  You

will get a reminder 5 days before your

link expires, in case you want to renew

for another 90 days.


Strategy for building steady earnings at Cash Wave.


First of all, get a sub.  You get 2 PP1 positions

and sub only costs $2.


If you have over $33. in earnings:


Buy 1 PP1 - $1.00

Buy 1 PP2 - $2.00

Buy 1 PP3 - $4.00

Buy 1 TYPH1 - $2.00

Buy 1 Kringles1 - $4.00


If you have between $10. - $33.,


Buy 1 PP1 - $1.00

Buy 1 TYPH1 - $2.00

Buy 1 Kringles1 - $4.00


If you have under $10.,


Buy 1 PP1 - $1.00


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight






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