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The Virtual Law Has Been Broken…

Hello Fellow Marketer, 


We have broken the "Virtual Law" that

all other mailers/safelists have that

our system does not and it is...


Sending your mails through your email

client, instead of your browser through

the specific mailer/safelist you are

sending your mailing from.


Why is this considered a virtual law?


Because this is the standard process in

which all mailers/safelists operate and

have never gone beyond the “comfort

zone” that everyone is so used to.


Because our system is a completely 

unorthodox method of sending your 

opportunities that it may somewhat 

disorient you simply because it is 

something that you are not used to.


However, the side effect of designing

our system in this way is that we are 

producing action-takers and weeding 

out the tirekickers, something that no

other mailer/safelist has figured out

to do.


Sure, others have figured out additional

ways to make their members active,

but not to be able to screen them even

before they join the site.


That is exactly what Email Client

Sending does and it is one of our core

features of KissMails.


If you haven't joined KissMails yet, you

should definitely take a look. As we

have broken through the email service

providers algorithms to produce 100%

email deliverability and very high click

through rates that rival the industry

standard of 2% - 5%.


Come see why we are so different and

send your mailings to a minimum of

500 action-takers right after joining!




Jaye Pause, Gilly Linge, & Phillip Morgan



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