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Are you tired of making pocket change?

A long-time trusted pal introduced

me to a program where serious money

can be made.


Member to member, all on auto-pilot.


He shared his bitcoin screen with me

and I saw over $1000. in his blockchain

account, with several payments direct

to him for $50. and one for over $500.


It’s called Qtrex.


Register as a free member and check

it out before upgrading.



Click on this link to watch a 20 minute

webinar, which explains how Qtrex works.



You have to pay the registration fee first.

Once that has been verified and activated,

you will be able to purchase a matrix package.


If you upgrade, send me your referral link

and I will add it to my rotator, to promote

for you. 


When you have paid for a package, stay on the

same page where you got the address to make

the payment, scroll down to the bottom of

that page.  Verify and activate after 30 seconds.

Your package will not be complete until

verification is done. 


Many people don’t have bitcoin, so here

are some easy ways to get bitcoin quickly.


1.  http://coinme.com/


Register, get verified (simple process so

they know it’s you).


Go to your local supermarket or other

vendor and get bitcoin at a Coinstar machine.

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.


Redeem receipt at coinme.com site and

bitcoin will be in your account instantly.


2.  https://paybis.com/


Register and get verified.  Simpler process

than Coinstar.


Use bankcard.  Once you are verified,

the whole process takes less than

5 minutes.


Take your time and follow the process.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





P.S. Bankcard signup process coming soon.



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