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Helping Hands turns little guys into big guys.


This program can put some serious

change in your pocket.


A $5.00 position can generate up to $135.00.


To get started you need to register or be

a member of the following programs:


Register at Cash-Wave.net if not a member.



You can purchase a position or wait for a pif

if you register from the above link.


If you want to purchase one or more Helping

Hands positions ($5.00 each), here are

several options:


Bitcoins   1C4tzr5Qk55yvydEFaVXBXcYeUnzFdQ5G8

Send username and hash id to ginger at teamgonewild@gmail.com


Ethereum   0x68C660c22b3C264AA6b314C89e0617384A84d512

Send username and hash id to ginger at teamgonewild@gmail.com


Cash Apps $GingerHowells


BlueBird  gingerhowells@hotmail.com


Limited Paypal  send request to teamgonewild@gmail.com


Credit Card or Debit send request for invoice to



Register at Qtrex if not a member.


You will be registering under someone

in my Qtrex Rotator.



Please send me your sponsors name if

you remember.


Look at the 20-minute video to see how

Qtrex works.



Getting Started Video



Explanation on creating a bitcoin account,

how to get started paying maintenance fee

and how to get started purchasing matrix

position levels.


Here is the good stuff for Helping Hands:


$5.00 per position – purchase a position or wait

for a pif in helping hands.


3 Levels for Helping Hands:


Level 1

$5 x 3= $15


Level 2

$15 x 3= $45


Level 3

$45 x 3= $135


When you cycle level 3 at Helping Hands,

you get the following:


8 Drive Thru Cash positions - $10.00


The following for Qtrex:


$33. for registration fee at Qtrex sent

to your bitcoin account.  Use it to pay

your Qtrex maintenance fee.


If you don’t register at Qtrex, the remaining

funds will not be sent to your bitcoin account.


Once registration at Qtrex is completed, you

will receive the rest of the goodies:


$50. to activate the $50. package at Qtrex.


$10. into your cash.net unpaid balance wallet.


$10.  into your cash.net repurchase wallet.


$12. will be used for admin fee and $10. for

bitcoin fees.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





Here is how you make a payment using blockchain for Qtrex:


Once you have funds to pay your registration fee,

you need to have a separate tab open for blockchain.


Below is just an example.


1.  The amount you need to pay is listed as something

like this:


Please Send 0.01141740 Bitcoin to below address.

You will be sending directly to a Qtrex member,

so click on send in blockchain for bitcoin.


Copy the entire amount and enter it into the

btc side (on right in blockchain).


Paste that amount in the btc field.


2.  Copy the wallet address you will be sending

funds to, from the Qtrex screen.


It is a long string of letters and numbers.


Paste this in the “to” field in blockchain.


The system will determine the fee to be

charged for that transaction.  Make sure

you have enough in your bitcoin account

to pay the exact amount indicated, plus fee.


Do not improvise.  All figures need to be exactly

as shown on the Qtrex screen.  Otherwise,

your transaction might not go thru.


Once payment has been made, go back

to the Qtrex screen, scroll down to the bottom

and wait 30 seconds.


Click on verify and activate.  If all is well, you

will have made your registration payment.


You follow the same procedure when you

activate the $50. level or any higher level.


Click on My Matrix and follow the same



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight









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