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This is Really Kule!
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This is Really Kule!

We have now made it possible to add your
affiliate id for Kule Track over at
Sokule so when you advertise Sokule you
will also be advertising Kule Track..

You will find this feature under Advertising
Tools in the members area of Sokule.

Today we took it one step further.

If you go over to your Sokule account,
you can now add the Kule Track Logo to
your Sokule Postit page if you want it
to show there and it will carry your
Kule Track affiliate link on that logo

Here is how that works

Go over to Sokule

Go to members log in at the top.

Log into your sokule account.

Go to the box that says partner ids.

You will see the Kule track logo there.

Just put in your Kule Track affiliate
id. Hit Show logo and it will appear on
your Sokule postit page.

Here is what mine looks like

Neat huh?

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc


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