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Mastering Google+ Contacts

When you start Mastering Google+

grab your free mastering google+tipsYour circles will probably be pretty empty. You’re going to want to fill those circles up quickly so you can extend your reach. The trouble is, you can’t easily connect with others using Mastering Google+ alone. So we’re going to take a look at a few ways you can expand your circles by making use of various resources.

I have been following these steps, one at a time - if you get stuck any time just ask:-  Skype: beaconflat or email: mark@thewealthfactory2020.com.

First of all, you’ll want to browse some of the various Mastering Google+ directories:

These directories will let you find targeted users who are interested in your niche. Don’t forget to add yourself while you’re there! The only thing better than locating thousands of targeted users is to have thousands of targeted users find you!

One of the most popular directories is at http://plus.ftppro.com. You’ll simply copy and paste your Google+ ID (the string of numbers associated with your Google+ account) into the site. Copy your numbers (found at the end of your personal Google+ URL) into the text box at the top of the site and you will immediately be added to the directory.

Another popular directory is http://www.findpeopleonplus.com. This site already has around one million users, and it’s growing rapidly. It’s a very good idea to submit your profile to this site right away so you don’t miss out on any traffic. You can search this site based on followers, gender, location, and several other criteria.

Another directory is http://www.gglpls.com. This site lets you search by tags and categories, so it makes it especially easy to find targeted contacts rather than just generic people who may not be interested in your niche. This site has widgets, hangout help - there is loads going on. Take your time and check it all out.

Besides directories, you can also snag users from many other places. Forums are a great place to get contacts. Simply paste your Google+ profile link (ideally shortened using a service like http://www.gplus.to) into your forum signature with a message asking people to add you and start posting!

You can also add your link to your email signature, post it to your current Facebook and Twitter accounts, on your blog, and even as your URL when you comment on other people’s blogs. If you wish to be at the forefront - Mastering Google+ - get your link out there as much as possible.

Grab your free copy of Mastering Google+ Tips here...

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