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Almost Live...Go Go Go Turbo Size Your Income
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Almost Live...Go Go Go Turbo Size Your Income

Here comes the site I have been telling you about
all week.Get in early and get positioned now.
At 11.00 am est this morning, you can Turbo
size your income and you can do that by
joining here now.

The new site is what I call the Turbo Action of
an already wonderful advertising site called
Ricochet Riches and it can Turbo Size your income.
I call it Turbo for short.
What Is Turbo?
It's a 1 by 2 Matrix and cycler

At Turbo
You can purchase multiple positions in it as many as
you like.
I am going  to start with 5 positions because
that comes with Sokens at Sokule. See my double
up offer below.
But...you start with what you are comfortable
with buying. The Cost is 35 bucks for a position.
Take 1 at least and do it when the doors open
at 11.00 am est today. The action is going to
be fast and furious so I want you to get in
now while it is calm and easy going.
And the way to get in is to sign up here
and at 11.00 am, buy your positions.
Every time you cycle in Turbo you receive $20 bucks
and you can cycle even without promoting although
it is always better to promote and you will get more
turbo bucks if you do promote.
But.. You can get your signs ups four ways
Your Efforts

My Efforts and I am promoting this one hard
You downline Efforts

Reentries from all three of the above.
You will receive fre.e re-entry positions after
cycling in Turbo 1x2. Very Kule!!!
And here's what I really like about it.
Turbo will work hand and hand with Ricochet Riches
which is an advertising site and a mailer.
Turbo 1x2 will also help increase your DAILY passive
income in Ricochet.
You receive a 50% Matching Bonus commission of $10
added to your RR Ad Unit Account Balance to use for
purchasing additional RR Ad Units every time one of
your personal referrals cycles in Turbo 1x2.
You will receive advertising credits with every
position you purchase and every time you cycle.
Every member of Ricochet Riches can participate in
Turbo 1x2 and can benefit from both sites at
the same time. That's just yummy dreamy in my
That's what I mean by Turbo Size your income
Play one site off against the other and you
have a gold mind here of income and most
importantly advertising power that comes
with your purchases either at Ricochet Riches
or at Turbo.
Turbo Size your income today and don't wait
until launch time which is 11.00 today.
Get positioned now by joining up here at

Ricochet Riches.
And... when the doors open at 11.00 am est this
morning, Saturday, 9.24 all you need to do is
to buy your Turbo positions and grab your turbo
link and get it out there.
or don't even wait until then. Get your
RR link out there now and you will be
in a great position to Turbo Size your income
Go get um
Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc
PS: For anyone who purchases 5 positions at
Turbo under my account today, I will double your
sokens bonus to 2 million sokens (value 2540.00)
Sokens build a list for you on auto pilot at Sokule
the dollar value only tells half the story
To collect your double up bonus, send me your
full name, your payment receipt for 5 units
of Turbo and your Sokule username:
Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your sokens
to appear in your Sokule account
Not yet a member of Sokule, join us right here


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