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Automated Marketing Tools...

There are many different kinds of marketing tools you need to use to drive traffic to your websites and build your business. You need to automate them as much as possible or you will have no free time to enjoy life with family and friends or do the things you really want to do.

There a number of things you can do to automate your business and it makes no difference if you own a company that sells products and service, or you are an affiliate marketer.

You can create and develop the automation tools yourself or you can purchase those that are already on the market

Creation Process…

If you plan to create the tools then you need to be aware of the potential costs involved.

1. You have to come up with the concept.

2. You have to pay a software creator or coder to code the product and website for you.

3. You have to test and tweak it.

4. You have to pay a web designer to create a professional looking site for your product.

5. You have to pay a copywriter to create the sales copy.

6. You have to setup the payment and delivery process.

This could easily run into thousands of dollars depending on how complicated the automated system is. The rewards are excellent if you develop the right product and you can gain some good prestige and a following fairly quickly.

If you add an affiliate program to increase sales through JV’s you will need to factor in this cost as this could eat into your profits.

Creating your own product is the best way to go but do your homework. Make sure you have more than enough money behind you to back you if there are cost overruns, delays, or heaven forbid, the product bombs and no one buys it.

Buy an existing product...

Most people do not have the means to create their own products, but the good news is you can often buy the automation tools you need at an affordable price.

Again you need to do your research and your homework.

1. What kind of automation tool do you want?
2. What do you expect it to do?
3. Is it reasonably priced?
4. What are others saying about it?

While there are no guarantees in life or on the web, listening to others can help a lot.

For more info on automating your marketing see

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