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What Is Sokwall 2.0
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Sokule just  added Sokwall 2.0 to it's posting applications and it is a traffic generator on steroids

It's called Sokwall 2.0 and here is what it lets you do

* Post to all of Sokule's 89 Social Media  sites with 1 click.
* Your posts can be as long as you like.
* You can add a logo or graphics or videos  to your posts
* You can pre schedule up to 25 posts
* Sokwall 2.0 pings 33 weblogs for you
* You can add keyword tags to your Post
* Get sign up and sales for Sokule  through your Sokwall post
* Get Sign up and sales for your own site
* Your posts will get listed on Google quickly and easily

So how do you get your hands on Sokwall 2.0?

Here is what you need to do.

Make Sure you are a member of Sokule and that your
membership level is bronze plus or above

This gives you access to Sokwall 1.0 and the new Sokwall 2.0

Join us at Sokule right here: http://sokule.com

Don't miss the one time offer for a silver membership when
you sign up as this gives you access to all of Sokule's applications

Next sign up to Sokule's sister site, KuleSearch http://kulesearch.com

Fund your KuleSearch account with as little as 10 bucks so you can
add tags to your Sokwall 2.0 posts.

Now you are ready to go.

Get your hands on Sokwall 2.0. It is a powerhouse of advertising
in your hands


Jane Mark is the President of Sokule and uses Sokwall
2.0 to get on the leaders boards of sites all over
over the net

->   http://sokule.com

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