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Why Canadians Celebrate Thanksgiving Early

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving about six weeks earlier than our American friends to the south. A lot of people would assume it is because our winters start earlier. But, as best as I have been able to figure out, it is because we Canadians are most thankful that the NHL Hockey season has finally started back up.

In all seriousness, we have plenty to be thankful for including the fact that we are surrounded with opportunity to make our lives better. It truly is amazing how the internet has leveled the playing field. No longer do we have to rely on our employer or the government. Instead, we all have full access to the world by way of our computers and internet connections. This unlimited access to people means that the world is your bounty.

Opportunity Is Truly Limitless!

As far as our own personal business, we can be most thankful for the wisdom of those who have ventured before us and created a path that we can follow. People like Bill Carr (TrafficHoopla), Troy Wray (VitalViral), Scott Douglas (Traffic Exchange Profits) and so many more. These people were the pioneers and innovators who kept on "building better mouse traps" by taking what they learned and improving it in some way to make it easier for those of us who have followed their lead.

In my mind, the most recent example of this type of innovation can be found in the members area at ClickTrackProfit. This program was created by the members of TimTech - Tim Linden, Justin Ledvina, and Jon Olson. What ClickTrackProfit has become is a site where people learn how to move from being an amateur Traffic Exchange User to becoming a Professional Traffic Exchange Surfer.

Here Is A Very Important Surfing Fact:

Not only do professional Traffic Exchange users earn more money, over time they actually surf less and less while their traffic and sales continue to grow... and grow... and grow!

If you are completely new to Traffic Exchanges you will love the way the system is laid out in a simple step-by-step format. The Novice Traffic Exchange surfer will appreciate the way the system ties all the different aspects of how to market to other traffic exchange users. Some of the more experienced surfers (who are frustrated because they are not getting the results they desire) will truly benefit from the way ClickTracProfit exposes how to get the most productivity out of those click credits you are working so hard for every day.

Even the people who already consider themselves Professional Traffic Exchange users are loving the ClickTrackProfits system. Now they no longer have to explain all the ins-and-outs of Traffic Exchanges to each and every one of their referrals. They can simply send their Newbies, Novices and Frustrated Marketers over to ClickTrackProfits so they can learn and grow at their own pace.

Collecting Badges Is Fun ...And Profitable!

All members can quickly and easily earn their ClickTrackProfits Certification Badge. Just complete a few step-by-step tasks and you are done. Earning the Expert Certification is more challenging but very do-able. This is not one of those everything-is-done-for-you systems. The ClickTrackProfits system is truly designed to help you learn and grow at your own pace and it is set up in a way that you cannot rush through it - even if you wanted to.

Some Badges collected offer nothing more than bragging rights while others offer cash and prizes. Money Badges range from $0.01 to $1.00 and may be offered at higher ammounts from time to time. Game Card Badges are collected throughout the week. At the end of the week prizes are awarded, the board is cleared and members get to start collecting all over again. Learn more about Money Badges here:
=> => http://clicktrackprofit.com/moneybadges.php?referer=maplerhino

Profiting From Your Effort Is The Most Fun Of All!

The bottom line is that the ClickTrackProfit system will walk you through a process that will allow you to become a more effective Traffic Exchange user. Ultimately you will be able to generate more traffic with less effort and of course more traffic means more sales. That's really all there is to it.

Getting Started Is Easy And You Can Do It Right Now...

=> => http://clicktrackprofit.com/?referer=maplerhino

We would all do better to remember that we have so much to be appreciative for in our everyday lives. Remember to stay focused on the positive and keep charging forward.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian family, friends and associates. Thank You to all the people throughout the world who have reached out to others and made the world a better place. A special Thank You is in order for those of you who were brave enough to subscribe to my lists and have 'tolerated' me as I learned and grew as an internet marketer. Lastly, I would like to thank all of the friends that I have yet to meet - those of you who are to become my friends and associates in the future.

No matter how our paths may cross, I am thankful to be able to wish each of you a life of blessings and prosperity.



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