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Neverending Free Traffic to YOUR site
Hullo All :)

I have recently acquired a Bot

Not a companion to the dreaded lurgy btw!

It is a Traffic Bot

Wun Wot Drives Traffic to Yer Site!

I am trying my new Bot a Lot

U can have a Lot of URLz in Yer Bot!


I think it is worth a Trot!

Come grab a Copy of MY Bot

Put MY Bot thru the Hoops!

See Wot 'appenz :)

It is worth a shot methinks


oh yes.. $100 orf 4 us forward thinkers ;)

That's a ...  (Fill in the blank Yourself!) !
I will keep this page updated with my experiences btw
Mucked about with the system in the early stages so there is no precision to my timings. However after about 24 hours the traffic has started flowing to my link - Nice!
...I am beginning to feel sorta guilty about all the hits I am getting without doing anything! 
However, I am sure I will get over it :)
Remember..      .......
Make friends and Have FUN! :)

Keen to foster effective and profitable associations with other forthright marketers

->   http://shortquik.com/Traffic-Bot-X/surgreen/

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