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Just Give Me The Facts Please-Up Date Day 7
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Just Give Me The Facts Please-Up Date Day 7

7010 Clicks to 5 of my sites in 7 days
6100.00 in the bank comm-issions in 7 days

This site is a Doozy

Update...Day 7

Here are the Stats For Trafficbot Day 6


Checked my stats to this morning.
I am promoting 5 sites here.

I have 7010 clicks to those 5 sites
I have 6100.00 in my pocket in 7 days

All I did was pop in my url in here with
a tracking bit.ly link and these are
the results.

1839 clicks in 7 days to my site 1 Click
2700 clicks in 5 days to my site Sokule
1214 clicks in 4 days to my site KuleSearch
1119 clicks in 4 days to my site Yakamore
138 clicks in 1 day to trafficbot site


Do not miss the one time offer when you
sign up or you will pay 100 bucks more
when you get into the members area. Pick
it up when you first sign up and pop
your own sites in here with a bit.ly
to track them


This site will get you traffic. It generally
takes 24 to 48 hours for a new campaign
to start showing traffic.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: PS: Anyone upgrading under my link today
will get 2 million sokens at Sokule
(value 2540.00). The cost to upgrade
is 197.00 so you come out a winner here
but do NOT miss the one time offer. If
you sign up fr*ee you will pay 297.00
in the members area.

You can ea*rn your investment back in
a heartbeat. Commissions are 100 per

To collect your Sokule bonus

send me your full name, your payment
receipt to trafficbot and your Sokule username


If you are not yet a member of Sokule, join
it right here


PPS. Want to find out how I did this, join
for a live demo on March 29th at 5.00 pm Est
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:


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