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My World Plus is the only company that allows you to be in profit without selling anything to anyone By working with unique power line program, people are
making thousands of dollars and even millions of dollars There are five different bonuses.
The product provides people with what they want, what they need, and what they can get easily. By working with this program, people found that they can be
in the one percent of the best successful home based businesses
My World Plus will be going places in the years to come. There are five bonuses for your pleasure.
You get twenty-five dollars for the fast start bonus when you sponsor one member/associate. YOu can get eight dollars when that member sponsors
a member. When this member/associate sponsors, you get three dollars. Next is the residual bonus where everyone gets $2,80 perweek The bonus comes
from the first five members in the power line.  Now comes the infinity bonus where you can make a great deal of money if there is no member below
you that has the same rank as you.  Only one star to five star are eligible for infinity bonus, generational bonus, and company bonus. Three star members and
above are only eligible for the generational bonus. if you encounter a member with the same rank as you, you stop making money. With the generational
bonus, only three star and above get three percent,two percent,and two percent as they travel down the power line. Last but not least, there
is the company bonus where ranked member/associates get percentages of ten percent of the whole volume of the company income.

I have a B.S. degree in PhysicsUCLA1965
For all NEW members who personally get paid 3 people and use the AWESOME savings to save a minimum of $20 in their first two weeks in the business, they will receive 200 surveyed leads to ACCELERATE their growth and keep their business rockin'!
You get discounts from restaurants,retail stores, discount coupons, and etc

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