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How to build an opt in list for profit

Here’s Why Some Marketers Keep Getting Richer — And Why Some Barely Scrape By.

If you’re a marketer, 99.5% may be the unluckiest number ever for you. It could be the reason you’re not making enough money. It could be the reason why your business will eventually go bankrupt.

It could be your worst nightmare…

Let me explain…

If you’re not building a list, then up to 99.5% of your traffic will leave your site without buying anything. They’ll slip away, never to be heard from again. And they’ll take their fat wallets with them.

So maybe you told them to bookmark your site. And maybe you have good content that your visitors are sure to remember.

Big deal. So does every other marketer on the planet.

Look, your prospect has a life. The second he leaves your page, you leave his mind. He’ll remember your site as well as he remembers what he had for breakfast five years ago. In other words, he won’t.

Now before you go throw yourself off a ledge, listen to this: All you need to do is get your visitors on your mailing list. And that, my friend, is…

The Secret of Turning a Trickle of Income Into a Booming Cash Cow!

Get ‘em on your list, and you can follow up with them any time you want. You can build relationships with them. You can become their trusted advisor. You can become the Oprah of your niche who creates bestselling products with just one email!

Your email list gives you this power. And money. And everything else you’ve been dreaming about all this time.


Paul Bergeron is an internet marketer who is an expert in list building and profiting from your opt-in list

->   http://bit.ly/IfbE08

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