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Get A Silent Salesman Custom Phone App For Your Business

There are three kinds of apps, all of them fall into one of these categories.
1) Tools Apps
2) Games Apps
3) Marketing Apps (ICANetwork is leading the charge)

ICANetwork own the marketing app. with their custom phone app.

Custom iphone apps, a mobile website

This is a 6 page mini mobile website, that can be changed as often as you like. To modify the content is so easy to do. There is are training video to get you started and a great customer support  desk that can help you along the way.

But for those companies that do not have the time to create their own phone we can do it for you. This additional service is only  $125.  This  cost to create the phone app with the business information and uploading pictures  was not included in the price. ICANetwork did not want to add that charge for companies who have their own computer staff  and could do that job in-house. 

The  Silent Saleman custom phone apps package also includes unlimited sms text messaging, that is right you can send your opt-in customers a message as often as you wish. For those countries that do not yet have the sms texting feature you still have the option to be able to send emails.  Sms texting is currently available in the USA and Canada should be the next to have this feature. But take notice, your smartphone customers will get annoyed if you send them to many, every day as a rule is not ideal.

You will also receive two QR codes. One of the codes so that you customer can download your business app onto their smartphone. the other QR code is for the customer to opt-in and confirm that they wish to receive your text or email messages. This is to be 100% spam compliant. customers must agree that it is ok for you to send them messages of any kind.

ICANetwork is unique in all the world. and also provides a first page Google listing service. They guarantee that in 60 days you are on that first page of google or you do not pay again -until you are. But not only will they get you on that first page, they will keep you on that first, unlike some services that charge bundle, they get you on that first page, and they are gone. ICANetwork works on your website every month to ensure that you stay on that first page.

 The ICANetwork Silent Salesman cost and customer service is unmatched in the world.

In todays world every Business needs to have a custom phone app as having just a www website is not enough any more. The Silent Salsman phone app is viewable on all smart phone and androids devices.  Check out the video below for more details on the ICANetwork custom phone app.  


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