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URGENT: Time is running out to get $1,000 daily.
I wanted to connect with you.

Today, Dave Sharpe and I are going to pop on a live stream, and help you make some money.

Look, these numbers aren't messing around – over the last few days, we've had at least 6 people a day make over $1,000 – all by deciding to get ‘all in’ and follow the simple daily marketing assignments in our Facebook group.

(no wussies allowed – join here: )

Here's what happened today, though:

10 people made over $1,100.

Yes – ten. Today. In fact, this month, over 11 people have already made more than $10,000. All by getting simple, direct 100% commissions by selling our products.

I'll tell you something, Glen, there's nothing like selling a $500 info product – and instead of this ‘wussy’ 10, 20, and 30% commissions – you just get $500 deposited into your bank account.

Almost like you're the danged guru who made the product.

(lol – and you could live in a van, just be getting started – and just make the money. It's almost cheating.)

Tonight, Dave Sharpe and I are going to unlock a ‘new level’ of marketing science in your business… and, we're going to show you how to create ‘resistance free’ upsells in your team.

In fact, we're going to show you the ‘way of the jedi’.

You'll feel like Obi Wan Kenobi… You'll literally command them, and say:

“Buy Everything…”

…and they will.

The first time you unlock this mystical power, it will feel like you have the power to literally (any time you desire) command your prospect to make deposits into your bank account – you'll be that good.


By learning “The Magical Science of Up-Selling”

Tonight, Dave Sharpe and I are going to show you how – get you team there, by attending with this link:

“Learn the Secrets that will attract Prospects to you – credit card in hand… at 9pm EDT tonight!”

Tonight, the game changes…

…be there.

Get your team there.

Empower Network is rising to a new level

Are you ‘all in’?

If not....

....let's take action.

Let's do it.

Let's lock arms, and fight the forces of evil.

Be there tonight:

“How to ‘Magically’ hypnotize them to buy…”

-David Wood EN Co Founder

Glen Brink is a long term successful entrepreneur.


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